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How to Create, Reproduce, and Sell Your Art

Discover the Art of Publishing, an Online Training Course Helping Creatives Create, Publish, Manufacture and Sell Their Prints



The Art of publishing is an online video course helping creatives create, publish, manufacture and sell their prints. The Art of Publishing will help you create content and build different tiers of pricing allowing collectors to collect your work at different levels.



Looking to create, manufacture and scale your art, photo or print business? The Art of Publishing is for those that want to make additional revenue from their images and time they spent on their photos, paintings and drawings. If you’re an artist that produces an image, The Art of Publishing provides you the strategies to take your talent and put it to work on your site while you sleep. The goal is to build an online engine of products that work in the background of your life while you still work on your main images. Even if you aren’t an artist this series is vital for anyone that wants to create extra income from images.

My name is Noah Elias, and at a critical point in my career, I asked myself the same question.

It wasn’t in those exact words. In fact, it manifested itself in a deep feeling of despair that I experienced when I had run out of options, out of artwork, and out of money.

It was then — at the lowest point in my life as an artist — that I had a spiritual breakthrough that changed my mindset forever.

After that experience, I took an exciting new path… and the business I built has ultimately offered me both artistic freedom and high profit margins. I now work with Disney, LucasFilm, Ltd., and have painted cars for movies like Too Fast, Too Furious. I’ve worked with other big brands such as Lexus, Toyota, MTV, and Microsoft. I know what it takes to build a thriving business as a creative — and how to overcome the unique challenges it poses.

No matter where you are on your artistic journey, I believe that you can make more money, have a greater impact, and turn your life of survival into a life of significance — just like I did.

And I’d like to show you how.

Deann Hebert – Fine Artist/Publisher

“As a busy mom and wife, I started finding it harder and harder to meet the growing needs of my business and also take care of my family at the same time. I was stressed out all the time trying to figure out how I was going to do it all and painting only commissions and originals one at a time. Noah helped me to utilize my skills in a way that enabled me to publish my work and sell it myself through my website, so my artwork will be utilized further, giving me more time to be creative and spend with my family!... The knowledge I’ve gained through this has been priceless.”



  • How to create a series and test group of images. Choosing a body of work that is best.
  • How to plan your year for production.
  • The pros and cons of limited edition prints vs. open edition prints.
  • How to scan and archive your work and preserve your assets for life.
  • How to build assets and invest in your art that goes to work for you and your family while bringing revenue over the course of your whole life.
  • How to set prices and tiers of products that meet the needs and wants of your collectors.
  • What products to print and why.
  • Where to get your art manufactured, printed, and fulfilled to your customer.
  • How to sell online through your store.
  • How to generate re-occurring sales and love on your collector base.
  • How to add continuity to your branding and sales.
  • How to find hidden sources of extra income.
  • How to forecast your sales and your yearly possible earnings based on the tiers of your product offering.
  • How to tell stories online through your products.
  • Sales techniques on selling online.
  • How to build your online email list and a solid collector base.
  • How to leverage social media to be powerful strategies for your images to be seen and discovered.
  • How to leverage and integrate social media to help sell and promote your products.
  • How to get your products automated to your customers without having to print, ship, and fulfill to your customers. Basically, you’ll learn how to make revenue without touching a thing.
  • How to manage and scale your business based on the ebbs and flows of your business volume.

What's Included in
The Art of Publishing Course:

I’ve created the Art of Publishing to help you take your creative business to the next level. Here’s a snapshot of what you will learn throughout this online course:


Choosing Subject Matter, A Series, and How I Get 100K in Sales


My Secrets to Making More Revenue; Building Your Products Into Tiers


Getting Your Printing Outsourced and Dropshipping



Make More Profit;
Sell More Through Distribution, Wholesale, and Retail


My Secrets to
Selling Art Online


The Secret of 
Art Marketing


The Art of Publishing


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David Macomber – Fine Artist/Entrepreneur

“My mentorship with Noah gave me vision and provided practical steps to take my art business to the next level. In the two years since, my fine art prices have tripled (and sales doubled), I’ve taken on larger clients and projects, finally last month my art business has allowed my wife quit her job to be a full time mom to our four kids! (that’s the biggest blessing of all)”